We have a passion
and we like to share it

We have a passion and we like to share it. That’s why, right after opening our own studio, we decided to step into the academic world to inspire future generations to dream big.  We want to help them achieve want they have always dreamt about. They are the future.  And if we all want a better future, we all need to give our small contribution. 

We teach to students and young professionals and at the same they teach something to us too. Being on the other side of the desk at the same Universities and Masters that we have attended when we were students is such a rewarding feeling!  

We also organise corporate workshops for companies who are looking for fresh and innovative topics to bring into their company culture.

We teach at:





Some of the subjects we teach

These are some of the subjects we teach, however, we are always open to new topics and new adventures! Our classes and workshops are always very interactive.  We love bringing the real business world into our classrooms and we always try to involve our students in real concrete projects.

Branding & Advertising

Strategy - Planning - Creativity - Integrated campaigns - Brand identity  - Brand promotion - Events


Marketing management - Internal Marketing - International Marketing - Political Marketing

Personal Branding

You as a brand - Portfolio building - CV writing -Job hunting - Presentations & Pitches

Digital Branding

Integrated digital plans - Digital media - Brand promotion in the digital era - Digital communication


Human Resources management - Corporate philosophy - Talent scouting


How to build a company - Design thinking - Start-ups

We are always happy to start new collaborations at new schools or new companies. If you feel we are the right match,  please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!